Is a Metal Roof Too Heavy for My Home?

Despite the many benefits of opting for residential steel roofing in Miami County, IN, a lot of local homeowners are still reluctant to make the switch. “Won’t it be noisy?” and “Will my energy bill go up?” are just a couple of the questions that we’ve heard from clients before. However, the question we get from our clients the most is, “Won’t a metal roof be too heavy for my home?” We can understand how you may think your home wouldn’t be able to support the weight of a metal roof. After all, we often think of metal as being heavier than other materials. However, there are other factors that go into determining whether your home can support a metal roof, and metal roofing materials are not

Why More Homeowners Are Choosing Metal Buildings

Metal buildings have been a staple of commercial and industrial projects for years. That’s no surprise considering how durable, low-maintenance and cost-efficient they are. Recently, however, many homeowners have also been shifting away from traditional building materials and instead choosing metal for their homes. Metal buildings are growing in popularity due to their energy efficiency, clean look and the ability to customize the design at a reasonable price. It’s easy to see why both commercial and residential projects are regularly choosing metal building construction in Miami County, IN! Here are just a few of the many benefits of residential metal buildings: Quick construction: Metal bu

Five Benefits of Structural Steel Frame Construction

Structural steel has been one of the top choices of building materials for decades. It’s a favorite for everything from residential homes to towering skyscrapers. Architects and contractors choose steel over other materials due to its strength, versatility, ease of maintenance, affordability and durability. Because of this, steel building construction in Miami County, IN has become increasingly popular. Here are some of the main benefits of structural steel frame construction: Durability: This is the top reason why builders choose steel over other materials, such as wood. Steel is significantly stronger and tends to last longer than its competition. It’s resistant to pests and weather-relate


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