How Steel Building Construction Can Improve the Lifespan of Your Business Building

Whether providing services to the public or manufacturing products, one of the biggest contributors to business cost is the building you work out of. And, as you may have already found out, the initial cost of purchasing a commercial business building is not the only thing you’ll be paying for. There will be regular expenses for maintenance and repairs, and building upgrades—such as electricity, plumbing, windows, roofing, etc.—will also cost you. It is for this reason that you should seriously consider investing in high-quality steel metal building construction in Miami County, IN right off the bat. What is steel building construction? A steel building is one of the strongest types of metal

Does My Business Need to Have a Retail Store?

Amazon, the master of online retail and marketing, has been dabbling in the physical retail space since 2015. Despite Amazon’s huge success as an online shopping source for everything from clothing to groceries, they are still experimenting with physical retail stores. Why? Because even Amazon can’t argue with the benefits of reaching out to customers through multiple channels. Although more people shop online than ever before, it’s still about a 50/50 ratio. About half of purchases are still made in physical retail stores. Even the majority of millennials say that they prefer having both options—an online and an in-store experience. However, having a physical store can get expensive, and no


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