Are Metal Roofs Louder Than Shingles When It Rains?

Folks across the country have more options than ever when it comes to choosing to install a new roof on their homes. Traditional asphalt shingles are still very popular, but other roofing materials, like metal, are becoming more common all over the place. However, despite its rise in popularity, metal roofing in Miami County, IN seems to have a variety of misconceptions associated with it. One of the most common misconceptions about metal roofing is that it’s louder than a traditional roofing material during rainstorms. That’s simply not true! There are a few reasons why metal roofing isn’t as loud as you might expect. The source of the stigma The misconception about metal roofs being loud d

Is Your Metal Roof Eligible for Insurance Discounts?

Saving money is always something a homeowner can get behind. Owning a home and maintaining it definitely isn’t cheap! That’s why many homeowners carefully consider their options when it comes to making major investments in their living space, like installing a new roof. The trick to being a savvy homeowner is to walk the line between affordability and return on investment value. You want to pay as little money as you can for a product that will last long and perform well. Unfortunately, this is often why many homeowners pass up metal roofing in Miami County, IN when they need a new roof. The price tag on metal roofing is often very deterring! But before you dump metal roofing as a considerat


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