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Modern Insulated Concrete Form Construction that is...


Enjoy true home efficiency with consistent temperatures, no drafts, and efficiency savings of 30% or more.



Interlocking blocks poured concrete, and internal reinforcement provides up to 10 times stronger walls than traditional wooden-framed walls.


 The tight and solid concrete construction resists mold, rot, mildew, rodents, and insects.

“There are very few contractors that know this style of construction, let alone an expert like K Graber. I have stopped by the job-site basically every day for 6 months. I have always been treated with the upmost respect, they have been very eager to ensure that we get what we want, and the quality of construction is superb. They do not cut corners. They do not cover problems and they do not cheap out when they could get away with it. They have the highest level of integrity in the industry. The best part... I know where the profits of the business goes. Kenny would never tell anyone, or advertise it, but K Graber helps our community and gives back to those in need. I love supporting a company who supports our community. If you are in the market to have a home built, take my word for it, K Graber is the best option, HANDS DOWN."  -Daniel Young

Let K. Graber Construction build your home using ICF Construction in Wabash, IN, so you don’t need to worry about

  • High energy bills with your new home

  • Structural integrity in high winds, even up to 200 mph!

  • Insect and rodent damage, mold, mildew, or rot

  • Drafty interiors and inconsistent temperatures



You also deserve a local contractor in Wabash that has the experience, delivers excellent craftsmanship, and goes above and beyond in the design and construction process.


This is why K. Graber Construction offers Insulated Concrete Form construction.  We know how important your new home construction is to you. We have been delivering quality construction to Wabash, Indiana, and the surrounding areas for over 30 years! 

“The crew was awesome!"

- Angie Byrum



We meet with you to listen to your goals and needs for your new home, as well as answer any of your questions.


We present a clear timeline of what will be done and when it will happen. 


The K. Graber team will begin construction and your project as scheduled. 


You get to enjoy the efficiency and durability of your new ICF home!

“K. Graber Construction has been wonderful to work with on our properties all over North Central Indiana. We love working with them!"  

What is Insulated Concrete Form Construction?


Similar to poured concrete walls, ICF construction uses the concept of setting up concrete forms and then filling the forms with concrete.  The forms used in ICF construction, however, are hollow blocks made of rigid thermal insulation.  


These blocks securely interlock with each other.  When the forms are completed with ICF blocks, concrete is poured and

allowed to dry.  Unlike poured concrete walls, the block forms are not removed after the concrete has dried.  Instead, the ICF blocks remain and help provide insulation.  


To finish the construction process, plumbing and electrical parts are typically placed in the insulating blocks.  The final layer is

then placed on the interior and exterior.


The final interior and exterior layers are attached to the ICF blocks.  Because of the block construction, the final touches can

be made to look similar to typical construction.


The poured concrete wall sandwiched between the ICF blocks provides the long-term durability, stability, and efficiency that

Insulated Concrete Form construction is famous for.  


If you are building a new home and looking for ICF construction in Wabash, Indiana, then contact K. Graber Construction today!


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In a world where construction projects are often associated with excessive paperwork, fears, setbacks, and potential complications, K. Graber Construction cuts through the noise and clutter to provide every customer excellent service coupled with complete integrity.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you provide quotes for ICF construction in Wabash, Indiana?

Absolutely! We visit the site of your construction and provide you with a complete estimate with pricing and scope of work to be completed.

What does “ICF” mean?

It is an acronym for “Insulated Concrete Form.”

What makes ICF construction so efficient?

There are many things that make ICF construction efficient and strong, but here are the 3 main points:

  1. Modular blocks made from insulation are stacked together, similar to Legos.
  2. These blocks are reinforced before pouring concrete.
  3. Once the blocks are set and reinforced, they are filled with concrete to create a solid core.

How is it more pest-resistant than traditional construction?

The double-layer of intertwined insulated blocks and a poured concrete wall makes an air-tight and pest-resistant foundation.

How does the interlinking of ICF blocks help make the construction sturdier?

The reinforced ICF blocks make the concrete stronger than a simple poured wall. None of the components rot or chip which also creates long-term stability.

How is ICF construction different from traditional poured concrete walls?

In traditional poured concrete walls, the forms are removed when the concrete has dried. In ICF construction, the insulated blocks are left in place as part of the wall.

Why should I choose K. Graber Construction as my ICF contractor

That’s a great question, and one that we love to answer!

  • We work hard before the job starts to minimize, or eliminate, any potential issues with your project.
  • We provide free custom quotes.
  • We have over 30 years of experience.
  • Our customer service is built on trust, quality work, and great communication.

What is the estimated lifespan of ICF construction?

Specifics are not exactly known since this is a relatively new method of construction, but it is estimated that ICF construction lasts 4 times longer than standard construction.

How does ICF construction help homes in Wabash, Indiana?

ICF construction has many benefits, and for the local area there are three in particular:

  • It provides structural integrity in high-wind areas - up to 200 mph!
  • It is pest-resistant.
  • It doesn’t rot or get mold and mildew damage.


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