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Whether buying a home or building one, most people want a home that is practical, built well, and cost-effective.  The problem is that new residential construction today is expensive, complicated, and time-consuming.

Pole barn homes offer an alternative to normal residential housing.  Residential pole barn homes are post frame buildings that are constructed similar to other pole barn structures. 

At K. Graber Construction LLC, we offer pole barn homes in Wabash, IN.  Our philosophy is that you deserve only the best pricing and construction when you build your post-frame building.

When you build a new pole barn home, you are investing in a simpler, streamlined, and more sustainable home that can be customized and built for virtually any need you have.  Unlike other prefabricated buildings in Wabash, IN, post frame buildings are manufactured with an emphasis on resilience and sustainability.  We use stronger lumber, galvanized steel, and other premium products.  This results in your pole barn home having a stronger frame with specialized paints and fasteners. 


When you choose K. Graber Construction to build your pole barn home in Wabash, IN, you are choosing a professional company that truly listens and understands your post-frame needs.

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“Let me start by saying K Graber and his entire team are the highest quality, kindest, good hearted men and women I have met in general. I am a contractor by trade and have worked with K Graber for years. We partner on projects all year long. Our family chose to build a home... as a contractor I am fully capable of acting as the general contractor and managing this myself BUT I chose to pay Kenny because he is the BEST. K Graber specializes in very unique styles of construction like post-frame built homes, some call "barn-style" homes, which are the most efficient, structurally sound homes, and save a TON of money on the cost compared to typical Indiana construction. There are very few contractors that know this style of construction, let alone an expert like K Graber.”  

-Daniel Young

Why Should You Consider a Pole Barn Home?

Read our infographic on 12 reasons you should consider a pole barn home for your next home!

Residential Post-Frame Building 


No matter the purpose of your post-frame building, whether it is residential or commercial, K. Graber Construction LLC is here to help you understand the benefits that pole barn homes bring for residential construction. We know that your needs are specific and your budget is contingent on the value you’ll ultimately reap from your investment, which is why we’re here to help you on your path to a wise decision.

No matter the size, materials, or aesthetics; we want to help you map your needs, pair them with the right pre-engineered steel construction, and then build your ideal residential post-frame building in Wabash, IN.

Contact us today to watch your dream pole barn home become a reality!

Success in Residential Post-Frame Construction

The secret to any successful residential construction is being able to come in on time and under budget—something that pole barn homes achieve more frequently than normal residential construction. Because of their prefabricated components and seamless construction nature, these post frame buildings are ideal for homes that need to go up fast and remain reliable for years to come.

Frequently asked questions

Do you provide free quotes and estimates for pole barn homes in Wabash, Indiana?

Absolutely! We visit the site of your construction and provide you with a complete estimate with pricing and scope of work to be completed.

What advantages does a pole barn home have over traditional house construction?

Pole barn homes have many advantages. Several of the most popular are…

  • Cheaper foundation costs and cost-effective construction
  • Less maintenance and high durability
  • High customization - including large, open interior spaces
Read our infographic on 12 Reasons to Consider a Pole Barn Home!

Are pole barn homes energy efficient?

Yes, they are. Because the framing has larger gaps with the post-frame construction, this allows for efficient insulation and fewer gaps, holes, and leaks.

How do you keep a pole barn home from looking like a shed?

Pole barn homes can have many layers of customization that help keep it looking like a standard barn or shed. This customization includes dormers, custom stonework, stone coated metal roofing, and much more.

How much can I customize a pole barn home?

A lot - don’t picture a plain commercial shed! Pole barn homes can include custom outdoor and roof features, including stonework, dormers, stone coated metal roofing, and much more.

Why should I choose K. Graber Construction as my contractor for my pole barn home?

That’s a great question and one that we love to answer!

  • We work hard before the job starts to minimize, or eliminate, any potential issues with your project.
  • We provide free custom quotes with no hidden terms or fees.
  • We have over 30 years of experience.
  • Our customer service is built on trust, quality work, and great communication.

How do pole barn homes require less maintenance than a traditional building?

Similar to commercial post-frame buildings, pole barn homes have fewer construction components and use quality metal for much of the construction. This results in less long-term maintenance and easy replacement if issues arise.

Do pole barn homes require a basement?

No. Like traditional post-frame construction, pole barn homes can be built directly on a concrete slab. This reduces the labor and money required for site preparation.

How does a pole barn home benefit those living in Wabash, Indiana?

Pole barn homes benefit Indiana residents by being more efficient to prepare and build, using cost-effective building materials and methods, and fitting in well with the agricultural landscape common in Indiana.

We also build pole barn homes in the following:

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