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All About Steel and Stone-Clad Steel Roofing in Miami County, IN

Owning a building that has steel or stone-clad steel roofing in Miami County, IN isn’t all too common, but if you are someone that has the fortune of being protected on a daily basis by these materials over your head, you already know the advantages that they can have. Aside from years and years of unwavering protection, these types of roofing are also well known for being beautiful and resilient, giving you thorough peace of mind as others around you find themselves needing to replace their roofing every decade or so.

Now, steel and stone-clad steel roofing in Miami County, IN aren’t without their own drawbacks, but even these drawbacks don’t keep them from far outshining other types of roofs out there. The key to keeping them healthy and resilient is in the care and maintenance they receive. Because, unlike shingle or tile roofing, steel roofing can’t be serviced and repaired by any old company— it takes seasoned professionals with experience and insight to make sure that your roof is retaining its brilliance.

Problems and solutions

Now, the problems that most steel and stone-clad steel roofs experience aren’t going to be what you might expect them to be. Rust isn’t an issue for galvanized steel, nor is denting or tearing— these roofs are constructed to bear the burden of just about anything that comes their way. What you might have trouble with, however, are ponding water and inevitable leaks.

Ponding water can occur for a number of reasons—whether it’s obstacles that prevent water from draining off of a roof or poor roof construction in general. When ponding occurs, it can cause undue stress to the roof and over time, can cause it to sag. Worse yet, if this ponding occurs near construction junctions, it can cause water to leak into your structure, creating another mess of issues in and of itself! Water issues require immediate solutions, which can include everything from resealing leaking areas to re-sloping parts of the roof to prevent ponding water.

Stone-clad steel roofing in Miami County, IN presents a set of problems all by itself, thanks to the addition of the stones that define it. Problems with this type of roofing involve stones becoming loose and removed from the roof itself, leaving areas of vulnerability where they go missing. This can also be easily fixed by replacing the materials in this area.

Picking the right contractor

If you’re worried about your metal roofing or require someone with knowledge and experience to handle your steel roof maintenance issues, be sure to stick with K. Graber Construction LLC. Our expert professionals have years of experience dealing with steel and stone-clad steel roofing in Miami County, IN and will deliver the results you deserve when it comes to repairing, replacing or just maintaining your roofing. With us on the job, you’ll have peace of mind about the roof over your head for years and years to come.

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