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Why Stone-Covered Steel Roofing in Miami County, IN Trumps Uncovered Roofing Options

There aren’t many types of roofing that can stand against steel roofing in Miami County, IN when it comes to a quality investment, and stone-covered steel might just be the only thing that can have a better long-term impact on your building. What does the addition of stones to a metal roof do that make it better than an uncovered roof? Take a look:

  • One issue with a straight-up steel roof is that it can very easily be dinged and dented, thus causing it to lose some of its appeal over time. Even something as simple as a moderate hailstorm can create widespread blemishes on a steel roof and detract from its aesthetic. If that steel roof is stone-covered, however, it’s going to protect the metal roofing itself from the minor abrasions that might otherwise create lasting imperfections.

  • Stone-covered steel roofing provides marginally better insulation than a regular steel roof and can actually help to protect your building more from UV heat, as well as escaping temperatures from inside your building itself. The stones create a buffer zone that helps to impede heat exchanges, creating another layer of protection of the building itself.

  • Working on a metal roof can be particularly dangerous because of the seamlessness of the roof’s materials—however, stones can provide grip and footing potential so that workers are safer on a roof. Whether it’s a simple task like working on the ventilation of a roof, to a more comprehensive project that requires lots of time spent up top, being able to rely on the traction stone roofing provides is invaluable.

  • While the fire rating of steel roofing in Miami County, IN is already exceptional in and of itself, adding stone to the steel can make it even better—especially if you’re dealing with wooden supports underneath.

Stone-coated roofs represent all of the facets that make traditional steel roofs great, then incorporate additional features to improve on an already grand design. Consider the above added benefits atop everything that steel buildings are known for and you’ll have yourself a roof that’s superior in every way to alternatives.

Perhaps the best part of stone-coated roofing is that it remains within the same scope and price range as traditional steel roofing in Miami County, IN, for the most part. The upgrade to achieve stone-coated roofing is far less expensive from a steel roof and to a modular steel roof from something like a tile roof or a traditional shingle roof!

For more information about how stone-coated roofing can lend its benefits to your building and exactly how these benefits will play out in your favor in the long term, speak with a stone roofing professional at K. Graber Construction LLC today! Our experience with stone-coated roofing is boundless and we’re happy to help you understand exactly why this material is so touted in the world of roofing.




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