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Advantages of Agricultural Steel Building Construction for your Miami County, IN Horse Property

Horse owners often feel like their animals are on an endless path to destruction spiraling to their doom—or at least a very large vet bill. As horses are strong yet fragile creatures, keeping stables, riding arenas and storage durable but safe is a priority. Agricultural steel building construction in Miami County, IN can be a part of this picture of equine productivity and safety. Here are five advantages to using steel buildings on your horse property.

Strong against natural elements

Steel frames stand up well to strong winds. Using the material for walls and interiors also increases fire resistance, which is critical in barns that also store hay. Steel roofs are less likely to leak during a rainstorm, which decreases the risk of mold, mildew or rot.

In addition, rodents, which can be a bane to horse barns everywhere, cannot chew through steel, so rat and mice infestations are less likely in your feed storage areas. With this degree of protection you will face fewer challenges when it comes to barn management issues arising from natural elements.


Many equestrians are accustomed to stall areas having a steel frame and roof and a wood interior. Common belief states that if horses kick the walls, wood has give and is less likely to injure horses when that occurs.

However, steel is also rising as a viable alternative. Kicking a wood wall risks splinters but steel will merely dent. The loud noise may also deter the behavior in the future. If you board a horse who chews wood, placing her in a steel stall may also discourage that habit. These properties show steel for equine living quarters can be safe as well.

Easy to customize

Many steel agricultural buildings are modular, which makes it easy to customize floor plans. You can design barns for a certain number of stalls, storage lockers, wash racks and grooming areas. Some boarding facilities even work offices into these models. If at some point in the future you wish to add stalls or more amenities, the modular plan makes it just as simple to renovate.

Steel buildings also offer many finishing options. Your exterior can be just as unique as any desired floor plan.

Lower construction costs

With many of the parts pre-engineered, construction is less expensive and much quicker. Components are pre-cut and pre-drilled, and assembly can happen immediately on site. If your facility wants to introduce its first indoor arena or add a second, you and your boarders will get to enjoy the new benefit much sooner than you might expect.

Less maintenance

Equestrian facility managers and owners can easily spend most of their days repairing wood walls or replacing panels after boarding a wood-chewing horse. Wood buildings also require exterior paint.

Steel requires no painting or patching. There are no expenses to buy new panels unless a serious disaster strikes. This leaves more time to spend with horses, market your services or even perform other barn projects that may have been neglected.

If you are ready to see what agricultural steel building construction in Miami County, IN can do for your horse property, contact K. Graber Construction LLC to see what we offer.




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