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Finding a Site for New Home Construction in Miami County, IN

Few people get to customize and build a new home. Designing the home is often the fun and easy part. Where people may get confused is finding a home site, especially if they wish to move to a more isolated or rural area. If you are looking to buy a buildable lot for your upcoming new home construction in Miami County, IN, be sure to consider the following factors.

Water access

If you move to a rural area, check for well access. Part of your site plan will need to include a septic system if you are not connected to the city sewage system.

Septic systems require additional maintenance and consideration that is not relevant when you’re connected to a municipal water source. Review these needs to see if this is even something you are willing to tolerate. Unless you know you have confirmed water access and understand what is involved with septic, do not consider the site.

Internet capabilities

There is a nightmare story arising from rural Washington where an at-home worker purchased his dream house only to discover he could not secure Internet access. The major cable carrier claimed to serve the area, but turned out not to have the infrastructure in place. Even satellite access was infeasible. After trying three Internet providers and finding costs to provide the capital for access insurmountable, he had no choice but to sell the home after living there only six months.

If your income depends on a home Internet connection, perform a thorough investigation to confirm its availability. Rural areas will have fewer options and if you need to go for a satellite connection, understand that your speed may be slower and intermittent. Even if you buy a suburban or urban lot, you will still want provider information, as it may be less expensive to move access than start a new account.

Zoning laws

You may want a three-story house with a cascading porch and four-car garage, but will the zoning laws allow this? If you are dead set on one particular home design, check the zoning laws to make sure it is allowed before you buy a lot. Otherwise, you may be throwing away more money to have your architect redesign an end product that may not resemble your dream.

Views and light

A good view will increase your home’s value. On the contrary, building a much smaller home among behemoths will block light and offer no views. If you have the opportunity to buy a lot that overlooks a canyon, river or just a nice landscape, jump at it. Not only will you enjoy that benefit but you will likely sell your house for much more than you paid to build it. Whatever you choose, be sure the light and the view are appropriate for your imagined home design.

New home construction in Miami County, IN contains many challenging elements that not only go into design, but also into your choice of site. If you are building your customized home and need a reliable construction team, contact K. Graber Construction LLC to help you with your project.




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