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Essential Parts of a Metal Building Construction in Miami County, IN

Whether your project is residential or commercial metal building construction in Miami County, IN, there are many essential parts that play important roles in the structure as a whole. Although there are many small parts that contribute to the internal workings of a structure, there are a few basic pieces that are visible at first glance.


The base is the foundation of a structure, therefore, investing in a good base must be your first and highest priority. When it comes down to it, it is very important to have a solid foundation in place before you construct a building on top of it—if the foundation is not adequate, then the rest of the building will not be adequate.

A solid foundation protects a building by keeping it stable and prevents it from shifting or settling. A strong, quality foundation will be resistant to different weather conditions that may affect the ground, as well as should be put deep enough into the earth to better hold up to changes in the soil.


A metal building’s frame is an essential function because it must be strong enough to hold up the overall structure; everything above the foundation.

  • Rigid frame clearspan: This frame offers buildings great strength, durability, versatility and all at an economical price.

  • Rigid frame multispan: This frame system offers the most economical cost per square foot coverage of buildings with wide spans, perfect for large buildings like warehouses, distribution facilities and industrial buildings.

  • Single slope frames: The single slope system works for shopping centers and large office complexes. For economically large spans, this down sloped frame can be used in unison with interior columns to add support.

  • Lean-to: Lean to frames area designed to attach to a rigid frame or to any structure built to support extra weight — these frames are like additions to existing building.


  • Roll up doors are ideal for light duty or heavy industrial use and they are reliable and easy to install with or without insulation. They come in a variety of sizes, are designed to take on high winds and can be hand or remote operated.

  • Sectional overhead doors are popular for light to heavy-duty industrial use and they’re available in a large selection of sizes and colors. Depending on your needs or the design of your building, these doors can be installed high to get taller vehicles in or low for smaller.

  • Sliding doors are sheeted with the same panels that are used for the walls making the doors a perfect match to the building. Picture a large metal barn with two panel doors, one sliding in either direction, toward or away from each other.


A metal building’s first line of defense from Mother Nature and disasters is its roof. A roof does what it can to protect your building from high winds, stinging rain, scorching heat from weather or fire and more, which is why investing in a good roof is essential.

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