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Steel Building Construction in Miami County, IN for the Residential Customer

Steel building construction in Miami County, IN is not just for commercial enterprises. Even residential consumers can enjoy the advantages of steel buildings. If you are looking at home remodeling or want to add amenities to your property, there are many options with steel that will increase enjoyment and home value. Here are four applications for steel building construction in residential environments.

Storage sheds

It is true that you can pick up a storage shed in a kit from your local hardware store. However, people often find they have trouble at the beginning. The sheds are not always easy to assemble and in time, they deteriorate. That is not a comforting thought when you wish to keep gardening supplies and yard tools safe and dry.

Hiring a contractor with this specialty means your garden or storage shed is done right the first time. It can be made strong and you can even customize it with shelving and other features. You may pay more than you would for a basic kit, but you will save time and worry less.


It’s not uncommon to find homes that do not come with a garage. There may be room for a small, detached garage, but fears about the cost will often hold homeowners back. Steel buildings can be your solution here. With some prefabricated materials, your new garage can be built quickly and affordably with an attractive end product that you know will remain durable. Customized options can also ensure the garage matches your home, so even your older bungalow will not look mismatched with your new steel garage. You will be glad to make the investment as you can keep cars indoors on icy nights and have a new place to work on projects.

Personal shops

For some hobbyists, the garage is not enough. Whether you make furniture, restore cars or build kayaks, having a larger space for just that purpose will increase your enjoyment. If you have room for a separate shop, there is no reason why you cannot build one quickly through pre-engineered steel construction. You may actually be able to use your garage for your cars and you will have a dedicated space that you can further customize to your needs.

Large vehicle storage

RVs, ultra-lights, small aircraft and boats require particular storage needs. If you are not enjoying these vehicles through the long cold winter, they are likely sitting and attracting mold and debris. Boats that are not stored correctly can sustain hull damage that will put you in danger on the water. And if you have an ultra-light or Cessna aircraft, the last thing you want to discover is structural damage before you take it for a flight on the first spring day. To help protect these investments, consider steel construction to meet your storage needs.

  1. Graber Construction, LLC provides steel building construction in Miami County, IN for commercial and residential needs. If you have a unique storage or shop need on your property, contact us today so we can help find the best steel building design for you.




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