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Fall 2015 Trends for Commercial Remodeling in Miami County, IN

If you are a local business owner and have been pondering investing in commercial remodeling in Miami County, IN, this fall may be the best time to take the plunge. Whether your business is a retail shop, a white collar office or a blue collar service provider, all business owners and employees deserve to have a workplace that is welcoming, stylish and thoughtfully designed. The prospect of impressing potential customers or clients certainly doesn’t hurt, either. Here is a look at some of the different recent trends we love for commercial remodeling in Miami County, IN:

  • Natural light: Nobody enjoys feeling like their workplace is a prison, and the productivity rate for stuffy offices is usually not great. One simple fix for this common problem is to add large windows to your workplace. These windows will let in natural light, which will save you money on electricity bills, show off the natural landscape around you and make employees and customers feel more at ease.

  • Mixing colors: People work best without too many distractions, which means that pleasant, neutral colors like grays, soft blues and greens, and pale pinks and yellows make for strong workplace shades. Break up the monotony every so often with a pop of bright color. This will impress visitors, and give your employees a burst of creative energy when they look at it.

  • Work stations: If you operate a large office, warehouse or retail shop, employees can often find themselves spending half the work day running around to find the right supplies and documents. Having work stations set up throughout your workplace will all the necessary tools, instructions and information will cut down on confusion and increase productivity. This is particularly helpful if your business depends on in-person customer interactions.

  • Strong first impressions: If you want to have one bold, impressive and unusual design feature in your workplace, it is smart to place it near the front entrance of the office or store. This way, the element will energize employees on their way into work each day, and make a bold statement to potential customers. Ideas for strong first impressions include a mural that incorporates your logo, a grand architectural feature such as a waterfall or columns or a sculpture from a local artist.

  • Natural elements: Along the same lines as letting natural light into the workplace, crafting furniture, walls, floors and ceilings from natural materials makes for a more welcoming, enjoyable and stylish workplace. One great way to do this is to have your new conference table custom made using wood from local trees, and asking the designer to keep the natural flaws and imperfections in the table’s surface.

  • Air quality: Finally, remember that a healthy workforce is a happy and productive workforce. Investing in high quality air filters will greatly improve the morale and health of your workplace.

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