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Fall 2015 Trends for Home Remodeling in Miami County, IN

This fall, homeowners all around the country will start to look into possible remodeling projects, and you might be one of them. Whether you are looking into a complete home remodel, or are just wanting to spruce up your kitchen or bathroom, home remodeling in Miami County, IN is a great way to personalize your family’s living space and add value to your house.

As a business that provides home remodeling in Miami County, IN, we have seen plenty of design fads come and go. But we can say with confidence that these trends are here to stay for a while:

  • Staying accessible: As couples move from middle age into their third act, they might find themselves wondering if they should keep their house or give it up for a more accessible living environment. One solution for those who hate the thought of losing their home is to remodel it for easier living. Chair lifts, wider doorframes and accessible bathrooms are all a part of this process.

  • Mix it up: We are seeing a rise in the role of creativity in everyday life, which means that people are taking home design into their own hands like never before. If you and your partner have wildly different tastes, look for little or big ways to integrate them for a funky look all your own.

  • Industrial metals: Bronze, pewter, copper and other industrial metals are hotter than ever in the design world. These metals make the most sense in the bathroom or kitchen, as a replacement for the now standard stainless steel. But if you want to push the style further, look for small ways to incorporate the metals into other rooms, such as through doorknobs, coffee tables or bookshelves.

  • Coloring outside the lines: The days when you had to pick just one or two colors for your entire home interior are long gone. Now you are free to mix and match to your heart’s content. If you want to really get creative, have a local artist paint a small mural in your living room, bedroom or kitchen. Remember, if it doesn’t turn out right, all you need to fix it is a can of paint.

  • Free your tub: For the past decade or so, combined luxury bathtubs and showers have been the norm in most bathrooms. But now, those who have the space are opting to separate free standing jetted tubs and showers. Think of it as a separation between practicality (the shower) and luxury (the tub).

  • Efficiency: Beyond design, one major trend in home remodeling in Miami County, IN is the incorporation of more efficient layouts, materials and appliances. Investing in home efficiency in the remodeling stage will save you money when it comes to paying utility bills, and will add overall value to your house.

Whatever trends and styles you favor, K. Graber Construction LLC is proud to be your source for high quality, reasonably priced home remodeling in Miami County, IN. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you transform your home.




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