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5 Design Tips to Spruce Up Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings in Miami County, IN

Using pre-engineered metal buildings in Miami County, IN comes with many benefits: they are reasonably priced, highly durable, energy efficient and very safe. But one perk that might not be obvious about a metal building is aesthetic charm. After all, it is hard for anything pre-engineered to come across as warm or inviting. But whether you are using your metal building for industrial, commercial or residential purposes, it is possible to attain a nice level of visual appeal while still reaping all the practical benefits. Here are five design tips meant to help you do just that:

  • Use paint: If you are wondering whether it is possible to paint a metal building, the answer is: yes! In fact, because metal is more durable than other substances like wood, it is actually an ideal material to paint, so long as you follow the proper steps. Picking a warm, unusual color should lend some creative appeal to your very practical building. Your customers, employees or family will love it.

  • Cozy barn look: Agricultural professionals often choose to use pre-engineered metal buildings as barns, so it makes sense that going in a rustic, barn-like direction in terms of design is a strong choice. Dress your metal building up with some antique agricultural tools, rustic signs and decorations, and plenty of wooden furniture, and your metal building will transform from drab to cozy right before your eyes.

  • Use landscaping: You can easily add some character to the inside of your metal building using furniture and décor, but dressing up the outside of it is a bit more difficult. One simple solution is to use flowers, trees, plants and even ivy to transform your simple metal building into an exotic natural hideaway. Using metal flower boxes to match your building’s exterior is a nice touch.

  • Add cozy accessories: A metal building has an inherently simple design, so you don’t want to overpower it too much by buying elaborate or expensive accessories. Instead, seek out antique painted shutters, hand-sewn curtains and simple, cozy floor rugs to make it feel like home. If you do not have much of an eye for design, ask a creative friend or family member for some assistance.

  • Embrace the industrial look: Most of the above tips have to do with making a metal building feel warmer, and that is certainly a good way to go if you are using it as a residential space. But if you are using it for another purpose, you might want to go in the other direction and fully embrace the industrial look. Exposed wiring and beams, bronze or copper fixtures and simple wooden furniture can all be used to take your just plain industrial space and turn it into industrial chic. This look is especially smart for trendy new restaurants, hip clothing stores or tech startup offices.

With a little creativity and elbow grease, you can enjoy the practicality of pre-engineered metal buildings in Miami County, IN without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. For more information about the benefits of metal construction, feel free to contact K. Graber Construction LLC anytime.




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