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The Affordability of Steel Building Construction in Miami County, IN

A common reason for choosing steel building construction in Miami County, IN over typical construction is cost. However, do you know why this option can remain affordable? Reasons depend on a combination of construction technique, materials and the role of labor. Here are five reasons why steel building construction remains a less expensive but still durable option that will benefit your home, shop or agricultural venture:

  • Cost of steel: Of all the options for building material, steel is the most affordable. That makes it a common choice for new construction and remodeling, especially considering its long-term effectiveness. This does not just go for quick-construction metal buildings, but for all projects. For a typical high-rise office structure, the average cost for steel is about $130 per square foot. The taller the structure, the more cost effective steel becomes for construction. Even if all you seek is a one-story shop that covers only 800 square feet, this same principle will also work for you—especially if you decide you also want an additional shop, storage space or office building also made using steel construction.

  • Flexibility: Steel construction is less limited when it comes to design. If your building requires a unique layout, the adjustment process is not as involved as with traditional construction. It is often only a matter of a few adjustments that can be made during construction without a separate design meeting and you have exactly what you need for your home or business. This also makes expansion easier if you need that option in the future. Code compliance can be a challenge with metal buildings, but being able to make changes quickly to assure compliance is also a cost-saving measure even when the situation appears complex.

  • Less labor: Besides offering cost-effective materials and easy design, steel building construction in Miami County, IN is also less work. End products come together more quickly, which means fewer labor hours. That is significant when you consider labor costs are a major portion of any construction project, so finding ways to save money on labor without compromising safety is essential when families or businesses are operating on a budget. Besides reducing hours, steel construction with easy-to-handle materials and easier techniques also requires fewer workers onsite, which also decreases the costs.

  • Prefabrication possibilities: Another major cost-saving measure with metal buildings is the potential for prefabrication. Putting together frame parts or even roofs in the shop means quick assembly once workers and supervisors arrive on site. Many times, components quickly snap together, meaning workers spend most of the time adding climate control and insulation to the building. This allows you to add options at a lower price than you may expect.

  • Durability: Metal buildings are not likely to give in to weather elements and other challenging circumstances, meaning they are less vulnerable to requiring replacement or repair. Leaking roofs and compromised walls are rare with steel construction, and avoiding those costs will benefit your budget.

If you seek steel building construction in Miami County, IN, contact K. Graber Construction LLC. We’d love to discuss your project with you!




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