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Metal Building Construction in Miami County, IN: An Effective and Sustainable Choice

Metal building construction is not only durable and attractive—it also offers sustainability advantages. You may not consider metal buildings environmentally friendly at first, but in reality, they are one of the most sustainable building options available today. Here are five reasons why, if you want to build green, you need to consider metal buildings:

  • Energy efficiency: If you build a metal structure and insulate it, you will enjoy improved cost savings. In fact, metal building construction in Miami County, IN reduces heating and cooling costs more than any other type. It deflects heat in the summer and retains it indoors during the winter, making temperature control easily managed without excessive HVAC use. If you look at LEED certified buildings, you will find that most are metal structures. That is due to their potential for energy efficiency, which is quickly proven once the building is in full use.

  • Recyclable: When buildings are demolished, the construction dumpster is also there. Many building materials end up going to the landfill, unless there are windows, stained glass or other features that can be resold for other structures. The nice thing about metal is that, if a demolition is ever necessary, the materials can be recycled. This carbon footprint reduces further when you also consider that the materials used for metal buildings are also made from 25 to 95 percent recycled materials, making them green all around.

  • Long life cycle: It is always possible that a fire or natural disaster can cut your building’s life short and make it a candidate for recycling. However, the durability of these materials makes this chance very low. Wind, heavy snow, flooding and other natural elements are unlikely to take down a metal building because they are built to last. This not only reduces the likelihood of repairs, but also the need to replace your structure anytime soon.

  • Design flexibility: Your metal building is unlikely to ever be out of date. If you need to expand your premises, that is easily accomplished with these structures. Designs often leave room to add wings and even whole stories. Even aesthetic features like paint and layout can change easily, so if your interior needs adjustment, this is also quite possible. This is not a structure that needs to be demolished just because it is no longer large enough. Take advantage of its flexibility and just make it better.

  • Green roofing: Replacing roofs on conventional homes and businesses is not only a time consuming routine—it also produces significant waste. Many roofing jobs end with a trip to the landfill to drop off a significant number of roofing tiles that cannot be reinstalled or recycled. A metal roof does not need replacement as frequently, and if that day comes, it is easily recyclable.

For skilled metal building construction in Miami County, IN, as well as outstanding customer service, contact K. Graber Construction LLC. You will not only enjoy a durable building, but you can rest assured it is sustainable, too.

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