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How Does Steel Building Construction in Miami County, IN Stand Up to Natural Disasters?

Steel building construction in Miami County, IN is not just about garden sheds and barns. The end products also provide offices and workspaces that act as fully functional buildings. Just like any other structure, our steel buildings need to stand up to natural disasters and other adverse elements. Fortunately, steel buildings have considerable advantages when it comes to these developments. Here is how our buildings can stay safe despite what Mother Nature decides to throw at them.

How it works

All buildings sustain damage during a natural disaster or severe weather event. The most important thing is that a building remains standing despite all the forces that come its way. Injuries and deaths most frequently result from buildings crumbling into a heap and crushing anyone left inside. Even if your building sustains other damage and requires repairs, it passes the threshold for safety if it does not topple. That is the desired successful result.

One reason steel building construction in Miami County, IN withstands these conditions is its flexibility. When wind and earthquakes hit, a steel building bends and moves with the wind or earthquake rather than remaining rigid against the force. In the latter situation, that is the equivalent of receiving multiple blows with damage incurring after each one. The ability to shift and move allows absorption of energy that keeps a building standing. Once the event ends, there may still be an insurance claim and repairs to follow, but workers and visitors remained safe.

Another reason for this resiliency is steel’s natural durability. Not only can it stand up to violent movement, but hail, rocks and other debris will merely dent it. In fact, many times these assailants will bounce off of it, keeping the humans inside safe once again.

Additional precautions

People will sometimes overlook precautions associated with natural disasters. Thinking that erosion, flooding or earthquakes are rare, there is often hesitancy to invest in this measure of safety. However, nature is fickle and events can happen anywhere—even here. It is best to indulge in these measures now so you are not sorry later.

One consideration is shortened construction time. There is no building more vulnerable than one that is not complete. Using prefabrication so parts are assembled before they arrive onsite is one way to reduce building time. Also, steel construction goes together quickly, which makes it a great option if you need something built in a hurry.

Another is to use light material for roofing. A flexible roof may seem like a hazard, but it also helps with overall structure flexibility. It installs more securely and can still offer protection without being super heavy duty material. The only concern is to assure the chosen material adheres to current building codes, which are designed with safety in mind.

Natural disasters take many forms, including fire, wind, floods, heavy snow, hail and earthquakes. For steel building construction in Miami County, IN that can hold up against these elements, contact K. Graber Construction LLC to build your new structure.




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