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Maintenance Considerations for Metal Building Construction in Miami County, IN

One of the advantages of metal building construction in Miami County, IN is its low maintenance factor. The simple but durable structure provides a versatile space that requires little time, money and effort to maintain. But like anything you want to last, metal buildings should receive regular review and care. Performing a few simple maintenance steps will protect your building from unnecessary damage. This will ensure your building stands the test of time. Take the following steps.

Inspect your building regularly

At least twice each year, thoroughly inspect your building, checking for any needed repairs or potential issues. Additionally, review the condition of your building after renovations, additions or major storms. During each inspection, note any concerns. Take photos of damaged areas. Documenting your inspections will help you stay organized and provide guidance for future repairs.

Make minor repairs immediately

Some issues can seem so minor that you may be tempted to ignore them or put off repairs. This is a mistake. A small hole or crack can quickly become a large hole or significant structural damage. Make repairs right away to avoid greater damage and more expensive maintenance down the road.

Perform ongoing maintenance

As you complete inspections and stay on top of minor issues, your building will remain strong and well maintained. The following extra steps provide the best ongoing maintenance for your structure:

  • Keep drainage healthy: To avoid damage-causing precipitation buildup around your structure, ensure precipitation is directed away from your building. Make sure gutters and downspouts are clear. If you don’t have a drainage system in place, consider adding one. If this system is working properly but you still have buildup on the ground around your structure, alter the landscaping so water drains away.

  • Replace fasteners: Over the years, fasteners develop rust. This rust will bleed onto panels, staining and rusting the walls. Since replacing fasteners is much cheaper and easier than replacing entire walls, install new fasteners as needed.

  • Give it a bath: Dirt and fungus can stain and damage your metal building. To prevent the buildup of these materials, wash your building at least once each year. Use a pressure washer on low setting, or a soft-bristled brush with water and a gentle household cleaning product. This will easily remove dirt. Bleach may be needed to remove mildew and fungus.

  • Remove debris: When you inspect your building, be sure to review the roof. Remove any limbs, plants, trash or other foreign objects. If left on the roof, they could trap moisture there, causing stains, rust or mold growth. They will also interfere with proper drainage if they become lodged in the gutter system. Keep your roof clear for the best results.

  • Maintain the perimeter: Dirt, ant mounds, leaves, grass clippings and other debris may build up around your structure. This may trap moisture against the building, causing rust or mildew. Keep this ground material clear from your building to protect your structure from long-term damage.

Contact the experts

If you have any questions or concerns about the maintenance of your building, contact the professionals at K. Graber Construction LLC. Our knowledgeable team will assist you with all your needs for metal building construction in Miami County, IN.




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