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Six Great Reasons Your Home Remodeling in Miami County, IN Should Include a Sunroom Addition

The sun is out and backyard grilling is underway—see to it that you have a designated area for summertime fun and comfort, like a functional outdoor living space. With that in mind, here are six great reasons why your summer home remodeling in Miami County, IN should include a sunroom addition:

  • Enjoy sunny days without the burn: A perk of owning your own home is getting to enjoy it inside and out. But when beautiful summer days beckon you to the backyard, do you have an area to hang out in that’s protected from the sun? What about a shady spot out of the heat? For a space that’s enclosed and covered from the hot sun, consider installing a sunroom out the back of your home. With a sunroom, you can enjoy warm sunny days without fear of acquiring painful sunburns.

  • You won’t get bugged: Your sunroom is an open space with big windows and skylights that allow the sunbeams in. But what it doesn’t let in are pesky insects. To make sure bugs stay out, fit doors and windows that can be opened with quality screens—no more having to spray insect repellent just to relax in your outdoor space.

  • Summer entertaining at its finest: For homeowners who love to host parties, barbecues and extended family dinner nights, consider investing in this type of outdoor living quarters for years of summertime enjoyment. Want to wine and dine your guests in style? Furnish your sunroom with a dining table, comfortable seating and a self-serve bar, and decorate using your favorite colors or a specific theme.

  • Extra home space for family: Whether they’re in elementary school or college students, your kids may be home a lot during the long summer break—and that’s not to mention their friends. Maybe the summer vacation months are prime time for relatives to make plans to come visit. If you’ve always envisioned your home as a destination for overnight guests, but you need more space to avoid crowding, then talk to a building contractor about extending your usable living space to the outdoors.

  • Keeps your house cool: Typically, home remodeling in Miami County, IN that involves building a sunroom addition is all-encompassing—you get walls, windows, doors, a ceiling and a roof which can all be an extension off your main home. And because a sunroom addition is likely built where a back patio would go, it blocks the sun’s rays from heating up your house on hot summer days.

  • Family time while your air conditioner rests: A great time to let your air conditioner take a break is during cool summer evenings. Because you have a protected outdoor room, you can take advantage of a pleasant night simply by heading to your ceiling fan-fitted sunroom. Want to maximize much-needed family time? Grab your family, dinner and some board games and spend a couple evenings a week together free from the distraction of technology.

Does a sunroom sound like a great project idea? If so, contact the team at K. Graber Construction LLC today for building services ranging from roofing to home remodeling in Miami County, IN.




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