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Five Tips for Homeowners to Maintain Steel Roofing in Miami County, IN

Whether choosing the type of roofing material for your new home construction or seeking a replacement roof, you must go with one you can afford, but also one of quality, a roof that will stand up to the climate where you live—like strong metal. If you do opt for metal, here are five tips that every homeowner can use to properly maintain steel roofing in Miami County, IN:

  • Perform inspections: You can run into problems with any type of roofing material. But, as a homeowner, by performing regular inspections, you will have a better chance at identifying problem areas before things can get worse. Stepping far back or up on a ladder, scan your roof’s surface for signs of damage like cracked pieces, weather warping, lifted sections, broken materials or discoloration.

  • Keep trees from making contact: When the wind blows or arboreal creatures jump around, tree branches, limbs and trunks that are too close to your house can become possible contributors to the destruction of your metal roof’s finish. This tends to occur over years of constant limb movement in which trees brush and scrape against your roof. And more severe damage can happen to your roof should a storm roll through, knocking down heavy, overhanging branches. To avoid costly damage, trim back trees that touch your home.

  • Remove debris: While a lot of accumulated debris gets carried away by wind or rain, there’s likely to be some left that gets caught up in tricky areas, like on roofs with deep or long valleys, or in rooftop HVAC units. To clear away residual stuff, use a long-handled brush with soft bristles or spray with hose water. If you cannot remove clumped leaves or other debris carefully, or if tree parts are laying up there, consider hiring professionals to do the job.

  • Clean those gutters: An essential chore in maintaining your metal roof is to clean gutters and downspouts a couple times a year, or as needed, regardless of whether it’s been raining. Between leaves and pollen from nearby trees and debris blowing in from elsewhere, you will discover that your gutters are prone to collecting all sorts of channel-blocking debris. Blockage can lead to water overflowing onto and underneath roofing, metal roof corrosion, rot on siding and gutter mold growth.

  • Minimize foot traffic: Although you may associate metal with strength, a steel roof should not be walked on without good reason. Yes, it sees foot traffic from contractors during initial installation, but that’s a given. The fact is that walking around on your roof without training can cause damage, thus hindering functionality and altering appearance. If you must get up on the roof for any reason, keep it short and tread lightly.

All in all, protecting your metal roof investment does not take much effort on your part, but do bring in a professional roofing maintenance company every now and then if you find areas in need of repairs. For installation and maintenance of steel roofing in Miami County, IN, give the team at K. Graber Construction LLC a call today.




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