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Signs You Need to Call a Roofing Service in Miami County, IN for Stone Coated Shingle Repair

When it comes to your home, the roof—a major protective structure—is one of the most significant investments you will make. Whether the original roofing needs replacing or a newer roof has sustained damage, an excellent shingle choice is stone coating. These shingles are durable, attractive and are built to last for decades. But this doesn’t mean they are totally invincible. As much as we like this rather revolutionary roofing technology, the simple fact of the matter is that you will need to keep an eye out for some warning signs that something might be wrong.

Think you might need to call a professional roofing service in Miami County, IN for roof repairs? Here’s a short list of what to watch for with your stone coated metal shingles:

  • Loose shingles: Regardless of whether a material was manufactured to last or not, improper installation and extreme weather conditions can lead to loose shingles. This can cause damage to the materials below the shingles, which may lead to potential leaks and interior damage. If you spot a shingle that looks out of place, loose or completely detached from the rest of the roof, call a professional to get it fixed immediately.

  • Granules in the gutter: In certain situations, the stone coating on these particular shingles can come off. This symptom will usually present as a collection of sand-like stone granules at the bottom of your gutters, whether it’s been raining or not. While this could be something as simple as a tree limb swaying in the wind and rubbing the material off, it could also be a sign of a larger, more serious issue with your roof. If you notice a granule collection, you will want to call an expert roofing service in Miami County, IN to take a look.

  • Structural issues: Because the structure beneath the shingles of your roof is also susceptible to damage, age and failure, sometimes you will find that the need to replace a roof has to do with its bones. If you stand across the street from your home and notice the roof is not holding the straight roofline that it once did, you should call a roofer. Over time, the weight from shingles, air conditioning units and other rooftop fixtures can wear down a roof, causing it to bow and buckle. Keep an eye out for signs that your roof is having structural issues.

  • Outside elements: Watch out for things that can physically harm your roof—for example, a dead tree branch hanging over your home, or the power of a severe windstorm. While roofs are built to withstand a few bumps here and there, be aware that your roof is not indestructible. Prevent the things you can, and watch out for signs of damage when things go awry.

Although your home’s or business’ stone coated roofing is strong, don’t neglect periodic inspections to check for needed repairs or replacements. For the best roofing service in Miami County, IN, give the team at K. Graber Construction LLC a call today.


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