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Four Environmental Benefits of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings in Miami County, IN

There’s a lot that goes into constructing a building, be it a new home or a commercial structure. The energy consumption for a single project, from initial construction to needed maintenance, is pretty substantial—that is, unless you choose to go with a building material that lessens your eco-footprint from the beginning. It may come as a surprise, but, for many reasons, steel is actually one of the most environmentally friendly building construction materials out there. Let’s look at five environmental benefits of pre-engineered steel buildings in Miami County, IN.

Reduces pollution

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about a house being built is wood. Sure, lumber is a good, strong option, but most lumber is cut onsite, which creates a ton of dust and noise and leaves debris behind. And if treated, chemical-filled wood particles from all that cutting will pollute the environment. Steel does not pose such concerns; most steel products don’t release pollutants like wood. Because steel is a metal, it is typically designed, cut and shaped in a well-ventilated steel manufacturing plant or at a company’s workshop.

It’s a reusable material

Not only do most steel products contain recycled steel, but at the end of its current function, it will also be 100 percent recyclable. Whereas other building materials—like blended plastics and wood—are not recyclable, you can indeed salvage steel to reuse in another building project or to repurpose elsewhere. Otherwise, it’s common for used steel to be melted down and transformed into other steel products, even making its way back into quality pre-engineered steel buildings in Miami County, IN.

It’s termite proof

Termites are pesky insects that wreak havoc on all sorts of building materials made of wood. This is why lumber today is treated with harsh chemicals before it can be used for a building’s frame and is often painted over or stained as a barrier to stave off the critters, particularly when used for siding, decking and garage doors. Since steel is naturally resistant to termites, a dose of toxic chemicals is not required. Unlike wood, termites cannot penetrate steel, and the absence of damage-causing termites means an all-around structurally sound building.

Energy efficiency

While steel itself is a durable material for building construction, insulate a steel building’s walls, floors and ceilings with proper insulation and you’ll have yourself an energy efficient structure. But not only does insulation paired with a steel frame greatly contribute to less warm or cold air loss—thus giving you better control over your indoor temperature—it can also lower your monthly energy bills. Just think how much energy may be escaping through windows, doors, roofs and foundations when anything but steel is used.

All the environmental benefits of steel will make you think twice before considering any other building material. Interested in pre-engineered steel buildings in Miami County, IN for agricultural, commercial or any other use? Contact the team at K. Graber Construction LLC to learn more about your options for metal building construction.




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