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Consider Post-Frame Metal Construction for Your Next Project!

There are many different construction methods and building materials available these days. Each construction method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some methods are better for certain projects than others. For example, even though they’re both meant to house people, you wouldn’t go about building a single-family home the same as you would an apartment building. If you’re erecting large structures, we believe post-frame metal buildings in Miami County, IN are the way to go. Read on to find out about all the great advantages of constructing post-frame metal buildings.

What is post-frame construction?

You may have never heard of post-frame construction, but perhaps you’ve heard the term “pole barn” thrown around before. Pole barns are the ancestors of a building made using post-frame construction. Back in the 1930s, the frames of pole barns were literally composed of telephone poles. The telephone poles in today’s post-frame buildings have been replaced with heavy-duty wood posts or metal, as is the case with post-frame metal buildings in Miami County, IN. During the process, the frame of a building is created by driving metal posts into the ground. The roof of the building is supported by the posts, and the metal siding is added in between the posts.

Why use post-frame construction?

Benefits of employing post-frame construction when putting up metal buildings include:

  • Cost effectiveness: Post-frame metal buildings in Miami County, IN are very inexpensive compared to other buildings.

  • Speedy process: This depends on the size of the project but they can be built much quicker than other buildings.

  • Can be aesthetically pleasing: Even though they’re rudimentary, the exterior of post-frame metal buildings can look as nice as you’d like them to.

What can be built with post-frame construction?

Numerous types of buildings can be installed using post-frame construction. Some possibilities include:

  • Sheds: If you need a shed on your property to store lawn mowers, yard tools or any other equipment, we recommend constructing it out of metal using the post-frame method. The process will be quick and easy for your contractor. If it’s a relatively small shed, the construction team should be able to finish the job in one day.

  • Detached garages: If your home doesn’t have a garage, or if your garage is simply too small to fit your vehicles and other possessions, you may consider building a larger detached garage near your house to store everything you need.

  • Barns: If you need something a little bigger to house animals or tractors, a post-frame barn is the way to go. Metal post-frame buildings can be as big as you need, at a relatively low price. The biggest cost you’ll face is putting the roof on after the posts are in the ground.

  • Stables: Similar to barns, horse stables can be built using post-frame construction. If you’re hoping for a fancy-looking stable, that can be accomplished. You’d be surprised by how many beautiful stables are actually post-frame metal buildings!

  • Commercial buildings: Large warehouses need a lot of open space. Post-frame metal buildings can be as large as you need them to be, and don’t need any support beams taking up space inside of the structure to hold up the roof.

To learn more about post-frame construction for metal buildings in Miami County, IN, get in touch with K. Graber Construction LLC today!




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