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How to Keep Your Steel Building Cool During Hot Weather

Whether you already have a metal building or are considering new steel building construction in Miami County, IN, make sure the interior temperature is safe for whatever or whomever is inside. Let’s look at some ways to keep your steel building cool during the hot weather:

  • Insulate the structure: Just as you would install the best insulation material in your home’s walls to keep the outside elements out, you want to do the same for your metal buildings. The right insulation prevents condensation from forming and blocks heat from entering in the summer, while helping to keep some warmth in during the cooler months. Yes, it is extremely important that the temperature inside your building is regulated; otherwise, anything you have stored inside may become damaged as the heat builds. Insulation is even more important if you live or house livestock or pets in a steel building.

  • Put in naturally cooling landscaping: Planting smart landscaping is a trick many homeowners and professional landscapers use for cooling a home naturally. Luckily, you can do the same for all the structures on your property. You want to make sure you plant trees and shrubs strategically in the right spots, as well as plants that can withstand excessive daylong heat. Not only do shade plants look nice, but they also help to keep the inside of your steel building cool.

  • Make changes to the roof: Have you ever considered that changing the color of your metal building’s roof would make the interior cooler? Repainting using a lighter color is a simple way to reflect heat, rather than having the heat absorbed through darker colors. Think of this customization ahead of time so the painting is left to the manufacturer, or you can apply the color you want right after installation or later down the road.

  • Ensure proper ventilation: Installing windows and doors is a great, affordable way to ventilate a space and improve indoor air quality. You can open them up when it gets too stuffy, or simply crack them for a little fresh air. However, metal buildings are best designed with multiple doors and windows on opposite sides of the structure to create cross-ventilation when open. For even more airflow, consider a roll-up garage door or barn style double doors.

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