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When Should You Proceed with New Commercial Construction in Miami County, IN Rather Than a Remodel?

If you own or in charge of a business, then you know that change is just a part of the business world. On the workforce level, employees come and go. For the business itself, it’s not unusual for services or products to change and for new technology to come into play that is supposed to better your overall business goals. But you mustn’t forget that your business building, warehouse or other type of facility can also be the subject of change. What are you going to do when your structure gets to be too old or your business needs change?

Here are some things to consider when deciding between new commercial construction in Miami County, IN and remodeling your space.

Undecided on the type of building project? Ask yourself these questions

First, write out your commercial building needs and figure out if those needs require professional attention. Most building projects leave business owners choosing between new construction and remodeling their existing building. Ask yourself these questions to begin making a decision: Do I need a different facility, and does it need to be a new build? Is it extra space or an expansion that I need? Will remodeling be enough? If I want a new build, can my business remain in operation during construction?


You will need a building permit whether you are building a new construction or remodeling an existing structure. A permit lets the county know of changes being made to a structure in the area so they can enforce building codes that ensure everyone’s safety.

About new commercial construction

A new commercial structure means building with a clean slate. This is a good option when your company needs a brand new facility with a lot more space to conduct business, you seek a better location or your current building is unable to accommodate new technology or equipment.

There are many benefits that come with new construction. For one, you get freedom of selection on the build location and site, the floor plan, all features and everything else. This option is going to give you a brand new facility that should stand strong for decades, as well as change the physical appearance of your company.

About building remodeling

When it comes to building remodels, the work can be done quickly and typically does not halt daily business operations. You might consider this building option if all you need is a little more storage or workspace or a room addition.

The benefits of a remodeling project include a quick completion time and often less expense, because you aren’t starting from scratch. Also, you are making more efficient use of your current space, since you’re staying in the same location.

Whether it’s an all-new commercial construction or commercial remodeling in Miami County, IN that you want, look no further than K. Graber Construction LLC. Our team members are qualified and experienced to handle all sorts of commercial construction projects—big or small, simple or complex, we are here to help you create the business building of your dreams. Don’t hesitate to call us with questions or for more information!

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