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"New Energy Home" vs "Net Zero Home"

In today’s world you hear a lot of discussion about global warming, recycling, energy efficiency, and many other terms and discussions on “going green.”

From appliances to geothermal heat, from solar panels to wind power, many people are wanting to become not only an energy efficient home, but also energy independent.

So what happens when you want to build a new home?

Well, that happens to be the best time to think about how you want to build your energy efficient home!

At K. Graber Construction we offer many types of energy efficient homes, but sometimes the terms can become confusing. This post will briefly go over the difference between a “New Energy Home” and a “Net Zero Home.”

New Energy Home

The goal with a New Energy Home is to build an energy efficient home that reduces the home’s energy costs by at least 50%.

How do we accomplish this?

We reduce energy consumption through the building materials are used on the house, the design of the structure, and maximizing temperature efficiency of the house.

There are two obvious benefits to a New Energy Home. The first is that you are giving a significant contribution to the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. The second benefit is that your cost of living will be cheaper due to lower utility and energy costs.

Net Zero Home

If you want to take energy efficient homes to the next level, then you want a Net Zero Home. Net Zero Homes use the New Energy Home as the foundation and takes it to the next level.

While a New Energy Home reduces your energy to 50%, a Net Zero Home will actually produce enough of energy to offset the remaining 50%.

How do we offset the rest of the energy?

Through solar power! To create a Net Zero Home, we use thin-film solar that will create enough of power through solar energy to offset the remaining energy that the home uses.

A Net Zero Home allows you to eliminate your carbon footprint and your energy costs. In fact, if enough solar is added, you can actually be energy positive and create more energy than you use!

We live in an exciting time where technology and design can converge to create the most energy efficient homes of all time. If you are ready to help the environment while you save on your energy costs, let us quote you an energy efficient home today!

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