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4 Advantages of Stone Coated Metal Roofing

You’ve probably heard rumors of stone coated metal roofing on houses and how it is gaining popularity on homes.

You’ve probably also heard of people complaining about how expensive they are, and maybe saying it really isn’t worth putting on your roof.

Are these people right?

Is stone coated metal roofing a complete waste of your maintenance budget?

Like every situation with your home, you don’t want to simply jump to a decision without being well-informed of all sides of the issue.

And while it is true that stone coated metal roofing is usually more expensive than your standard asphalt roof, there are distinct advantages to using a metal roof.

So let’s look at 4 distinct ways that stone coated metal roofing will give your house an advantage!

1 - Durability

Did you know the standard asphalt shingle roof has a warranty of 20-30 years, but a metal roof can have a warranty and lifespan of 40-70 years?

So not only does it last significantly longer, but metal roofing is often a better option if you live in an area where you have weather concerns.

For example, if you live in a high-wind area and see a lot of your shingles blowing off your roof, you should take a good look at metal roofing. Because of the way it is made and installed on the roof, metal roofing will have fewer issues in blowing off your roof during high winds.

If long-term durability is a concern, particularly in a high-wind area, then a metal roof may be the best option for you!

2 - Safety

Not only will your stone coated metal roof last longer than a standard shingle roof, it is also safer.

Due to the construction materials of the roof being metal and steel, you do not need to be as worried about your roof being a fire hazard. Asphalt shingle roofs, on the other hand, can be highly flammable due to their components.

And what do you think a side benefit of this added safety is?

Some insurance companies will lower your annual premiums if they are aware that you installed a metal roof! You will need to check with them on the kind or style of metal roof they require, but you may be able to pay part of the roof with your insurance savings.

3 - Value

Stone coated metal roofs add resale value to your home for 3 main reasons:

First, because they last longer than standard shingles, they increase value because the new owner knows he won’t have to replace the roof as quickly.

Second, because they are made of metal, they don’t show wear or fading as quickly. This keeps the roof looking nicer for a longer period of time and helps the aesthetics of your property.

And third, metal roofs do a better job at reflecting sun rays. This means that houses with metal roofs tend to be more energy efficient during summer months, especially in areas with a lot of direct sun.

4 - Eco-friendly

One of the best features of a metal roof is that it can be constructed of recycled materials.

Unlike asphalt shingles, when a metal roof is replaced or removed from a building, you don’t need to haul everything to the nearest landfill.

Instead, you can simply take the metal shingles and components to your nearest recycling center to be melted down and used again!

So not only will you rarely have to replace your metal roof, when you do have it replaced, you can rest knowing that the old roof is being recycled.

So the next time someone is discussing stone coated metal roofing, and then you hear someone else jump in right away complaining about the cost or some other feature, you can weigh in with a few of the benefits of a metal roof.

And if you want to see how a metal roof would look on your house, call K. Graber Co today to get your own personalized quote!

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