Post-Frame Construction & Pole Barns In Indiana

Enjoy Cost-effective Storage with post-frame buildings


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30+ Years of

Commercial & Agricultural
Pole Barns

  • Protect
    Your Assest

    Whether it’s farm machinery, trucks, other equipment, or a work bay, protect your assets with quality storage.

  • Cost-effective

    You don’t need to break the bank when you need to build more storage or operational space.

  • Low-Maintenance

     Enjoy quality post-frame construction that requires minimal long-term maintenance.


They did a good job, and their work ethic is commendable. The finish inspection was handled competently, they cleaned up all debris, and I have recommended them to others.”

- Jon Williams

Are you looking for a cost-effective and low-maintenance building option for your business, farm, or home?

K. Graber Construction offers quality post-frame construction and pole barns in North Central Indiana to protect your assets in a reliable and cost-effective way.

Being based in Miami County, we understand the unique culture and needs of the surrounding Indiana area, and we work hard to maintain our integrity as the pole barn contractor you can trust!

How Can Post-Frame Construction
Help Your Business?


Whether you need more storage to protect your farm equipment, interior feed storage, or more shop bays to work on your equipment, a post-frame construction provides an affordable way to add more storage. 


Whether it’s protecting your trucks, getting more space for equipment bays, or expanding your manufacturing production, post-frame construction provides an ideal way to help grow your business with speed and quality.

We Make Post-Frame
Construction Simple

  • 1

    Get a
    free quote

    We meet with you to answer your questions and discuss your goals with your new building. 

  • 2

    Approve the
    estimate & design

    A time frame and plan of action is mapped out to complete your project.

  • 3

    K. Graber
    begins construction

    Once the plan is approved, K. Graber begins work as scheduled.

  • 4

    Love your
    new building!

    Enjoy your expanded work space and storage.

Why choose K. Graber Construction?


Our team works hard to make sure that all your questions, concerns, and needs are fully met.


We have valued hard work and great customer service for 3 generations.


We understand the complete construction process. This allows us to catch problems early and avoid potential mistakes.


We have the tools, crews, and experience to do most of the work ourselves.  From concrete to metal roofing, your new building is in good hands.


K. Graber construction has been wonderful to work with on our properties all over North Central Indiana.  We love working with them!”

-Caleb Crandall

Pole Barn Construction
in North Central Indiana

Post-frame construction and pole barns are a great way to help you expand your business storage and services with a quality, low-maintenance building.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a pole barn for your business, farm, or home - K. Graber Construction has the custom building and layout that is right for your situation.

And when you work with our team, you can have peace of mind knowing that your needs are being heard and developed by a local Miami County contractor who understands the local market and needs.

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What is post-frame construction?

When you invest in a post-frame building, you’re investing in a simpler, more streamlined, more sustainable type of building that can be purposed for virtually any need you have. 

Also referred to as “pole barns” since this is the most common form of post-frame construction, it allows for a resilient and cost-effective construction method.

Post frame buildings are unlike other prefabricated developments or even traditional pre-engineered metal buildings.  

They are manufactured with complete emphasis on resilience and sustainability. Everything from stronger lumber to galvanized steel makes up a stronger frame for these buildings, while specialized paints and fasteners give them an exceptional aesthetic that’s unmatched, no matter the application. 

And when constructed by professionals who truly understand them, post-frame buildings are a testament to quality, long-term durability, and overall low maintenance.

An agricultural focus:

No matter the purpose of the building or the size you require to accommodate your needs, K. Graber Construction LLC is here to help you understand the benefits that post-frame buildings can have in an agricultural setting. 

We know that your needs are specific and your budget is contingent on the value you’ll ultimately reap from your investment, which is why we’re here to help you on your road to a sound decision.

From a simple shed to store your precious farm equipment, to a warehouse-type facility that you can purpose for virtually anything, we’ll help you map your needs and pair them with the right pre-engineered pole barn layout and construction.

A commercial understanding:

The secret to any successful commercial development is being able to come in on time and under budget—something that post-frame buildings pave the way for. 

Because of their prefabricated components and seamless construction nature, these buildings are ideal for commercial developments that need to go up fast and remain reliable for years and years to come.

We provide the following construction services as well: