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Is Your Metal Roof Eligible for Insurance Discounts?

Saving money is always something a homeowner can get behind. Owning a home and maintaining it definitely isn’t cheap! That’s why many homeowners carefully consider their options when it comes to making major investments in their living space, like installing a new roof.

The trick to being a savvy homeowner is to walk the line between affordability and return on investment value. You want to pay as little money as you can for a product that will last long and perform well. Unfortunately, this is often why many homeowners pass up metal roofing in Miami County, IN when they need a new roof. The price tag on metal roofing is often very deterring!

But before you dump metal roofing as a consideration, take a moment to ask yourself if the price tag is really that prohibitive. Sure, it may be a big number up front, but it also comes with a few unique cost-saving benefits that actually save you money over the long term—including when it comes to your insurance.

Insurance savings

The amount of money you could be saving on your homeowner’s insurance each month through metal roofing is staggering. In fact, metal roofing contributes to a number of cost-lowering aspects of insurance, including:

  • Metal roofing is supremely resilient, reducing the potential for roofing damage, thereby lowering your liability. You’ll pay less based purely on the lower potential for damage!

  • Made with a fire-resistant and often fire-retardant material, metal roofing is also safer than other roofs. This again lowers your liability and cost.

  • Metal is going to stave off all elements—including wind, rain, sun, fire, hail, snow and more. Right away it lends credence to your investment and will lower your insurance.

Insurance adjustors love it when clients have metal roofing because it makes their job much easier! Metal roofing is resilient, strong, stable and sustainable, making it much easier to assess and grant insurance discounts to, as opposed to other roofing materials that can vary greatly in quality or condition.

Whole-home protection

Another way metal roofing in Miami County, IN could lower your homeowner’s insurance is through the whole-home protection that it offers. A metal roof can actually offset factors that may raise your insurance rates! The roof protects everything below it, including drywall, flooring, plumbing, electrical, etc. Metal roofing is truly an investment from the top down—something insurance companies take note of.

It’s important to consider metal roofing for its lifetime cost, instead of just the upfront materials and installation costs. Talk to your insurance company before purchasing metal roofing and inquire about metal roofing discounts they may offer. Then, do the math and see how quickly the actual price of a metal roof comes down based on return on investment!

If you’re still angling for ways to save money and make a metal roof feasible for your home, also consider energy tax credits and more. Combined with insurance discounts, your cost savings could bring the total cost of metal roofing down as low as asphalt shingles and other more common materials! To learn more about metal roofing installation, get in touch with the team at K. Graber Construction LLC today.

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