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Is a Metal Roof Too Heavy for My Home?

Despite the many benefits of opting for residential steel roofing in Miami County, IN, a lot of local homeowners are still reluctant to make the switch. “Won’t it be noisy?” and “Will my energy bill go up?” are just a couple of the questions that we’ve heard from clients before. However, the question we get from our clients the most is, “Won’t a metal roof be too heavy for my home?”

We can understand how you may think your home wouldn’t be able to support the weight of a metal roof. After all, we often think of metal as being heavier than other materials. However, there are other factors that go into determining whether your home can support a metal roof, and metal roofing materials are not as heavy as you might think.

First, depending on the type of roofing you have, some weight is necessary. For roofing materials that don’t interlock, such as sheets of metal, there are only a few points where the roof can be fastened to your home. In these cases, weight and gravity have to work together to help keep the roof in place. In the case of aluminum standing seam roof panels, for example, weight, gravity and the fastening points combined are what ensure that your roof stays secure.

In some cases, seam roof panels may be too heavy for your home. For example, if your home is older, it may not be as structurally sound as a newer home. Other examples of homes that are not good candidates for metal roofing might include homes made with dimensional lumber or fire-treated wood. If your home has a lower structural strength to begin with, it’s more likely to shift under the weight of metal roofing panels. If you’re home fits into one of these categories, a metal roof may still be an option for you, but you may want to avoid roof panels and go for an interlocking metal roof instead.

Interlocking roofing materials are what most people think of when visualizing a roof. Fiberglass shingles, clay tiles and aluminum shingles are all examples of interlocking roofing materials. Interlocking materials are usually preferred because they have a lower weight than roofing panels but are still wind resistant and secure due to their combined interlocking strength. What’s surprising about interlocking roofing materials is that metal shingles actually weigh less than other interlocking roofing materials. Below is a comparison of weights per 100 square feet:

  • Aluminum shingles: 45 lbs

  • Steel shingles: 80 lbs

  • Asphalt/fiberglass shingles: 275 to 325 lbs

  • Wood shingles: 300 to 400 lbs

  • Concrete tile: 450 to 700 lbs

  • Clay tile: 900 to 1500 lbs

Don’t believe the myths you hear about metal roofing. Opting for residential steel roofing in Miami County, IN is a sound choice and, as you can see, steel shingles actually weigh less than other more traditional roofing materials. If you’re considering metal roofing for your home and want to learn more about the many benefits of switching and the options available to you, call K. Graber Construction LLC today!


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